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Weston Wamp is a father of four, a public school parent, and an entrepreneur with the right experience in business, education, and government to serve as Hamilton County’s next Mayor.


Weston currently leads a national nonprofit, the Millennial Debt Foundation, which he founded along with other business leaders and a cohort of members of Congress to fight wasteful government spending. After years as a Founding Director of Lamp Post Group, which invested in dozens of local small businesses, Weston co-founded the $18 million Dynamo Fund, the largest startup investment fund in Hamilton County's history.


Gov. Bill Lee trusted Weston as one of his first two appointees to the Tennessee Board of Regents, which governs the state’s 40 community and technical colleges. Weston serves on the Board’s finance committee, stewarding an annual budget of nearly $1.5 billion. Weston and his wife, Shelby, live in Lookout Valley with their four children: River, 7, Griffin, 5, Aldridge, 3, and newborn Smith. They are actively involved with the high school ministry Young Life.

An Opportunity for Leadership

It’s time to decide who will lead our county into the future.


For the first time in a generation, we have a competitive race for County Mayor – a job defined more by opportunities for leadership than specific powers.

While the quality of life for many of our citizens is high, truthfully, we have many challenges. Mayor Coppinger has served us well, but 'politics as usual' in the rest of the Courthouse has neglected more than just our broken roads.


We have rising violent crime in the city and record overdose deaths across the county. Sixty percent of our graduates aren’t ready for college or work. And, another 300 kids drop out every year. It all points back to education.


Unprepared students become hopeless adults. Hopeless young men commit crime.


Our public schools should focus on preparing productive citizens rather than trying to send every student to college. Together, we can fix it. The answer is in new vocational schools, paid apprenticeships, civics education, more parental involvement and a second chance school for dropouts. That’s how you lower crime in a sustainable way.


Crime is a serious issue and that’s why my sister is on the ballot running for District Attorney. While the positions have little interaction with each other (DA is a state position, and county mayor is local), this election provides a chance to tackle crime from two critical sides: aggressive enforcement and new educational opportunities.


I’m a father of four and the only public school parent running to lead county government, which allocates 64% of its budget to public education. I’ll bring new accountability and energy to the job and serve for no more than eight years – then move on and give someone else a turn. Political positions shouldn’t be treated like lifetime appointments.


I believe my business, finance, and education experience has prepared me well to be our next County Mayor.


I would be honored and humbled to have your vote.


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